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Free Process Integration Courses

RER Energy Inc is offering free, introductory training courses showing how NRCan's INTEGRATION software can be used to analyse industrial energy efficiency and heat recovery projects. Attendees will be given access to a fully functional evaluation version of the INTEGRATION software.

Click here for more information on Natural Resources Canada's process integration program and software.

[Screenshot, INTEGRATION software.]

INTEGRATION software, an easy-to-use but powerful tool available for free from NRCan, assists in the application of process integration techniques to complex industrial plants with high heat requirements. Process integration analyzes the energy use of a plant or process as a whole, rather than solely considering each equipment item or energy system independently. As such, it can determine the thermodynamically minimum consumption of hot and cold utilities necessary for the plant, and provide insight into design or retrofit options that may attain these targets. Energy savings ranging from 10 to 30% are typical, even in up-to-date plants that have been subject to conventional energy audit methods, resulting in cost savings, greenhouse gas emissions reductions, water savings, and increased production throughput. INTEGRATION also includes modules for quickly evaluating heat recovery opportunities for boilers, refrigeration systems, and compression systems. Courses offered:

  • Introduction to Heat Integration (3.5 hours): Participants will learn how process integration has been applied in Canadian industry, understand the power of "composite curves", see how the INTEGRATION software can propose retrofit solutions for heat exchanger networks, and apply the software to a simple steam boiler heat recovery project.

  • Intensive course: for 3 day course, click here.

  • Other courses: For other free energy courses, click here.

The courses will be taught by Michael Ross, who has been providing INTEGRATION software training for 5 years to the petrochemicals, food and beverage, manufacturing, and pulp and paper industries.