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RER Renewable Energy Research is pleased to count the following organizations among its clients and collaborators.

Natural Resouces Canada LogoCANMET Energy Technology Center

Photovoltaic and Hybrid Systems Group, CANMET Energy Technology Centre-Varennes, Natural Resources Canada
CETC–Varennes is responsible for the scientific aspects of work on photovoltaic energy for Natural Resources Canada. The photovoltaic energy research group’s primary mandate is to help develop and deploy photovoltaic energy technologies in Canada. CETC–Varennes contributes to research projects in remote regions, undertakes technology development and demonstration projects, and participates in the formulation of standards and codes. RER Renewable Energy Research has performed extensive contract research in the field of photovoltaic hybrid systems on behalf of CETC-Varennes.

Natural Resouces Canada LogoRETScreen Logo

RETScreen International Clean Energy Decision Support Centre, Natural Resources Canada
The RETScreen International Clean Energy Decision Support Centre seeks to build the capacity of planners, decision-makers and industry to implement renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. This objective is achieved by: developing decision-making tools that reduce the cost of pre-feasibility studies; disseminating knowledge to help people make better decisions; and by training people to better analyse the technical and financial viability of possible projects. RETScreen International has turned to RER Renewable Energy Research to prepare course materials-- including their engineering e-textbook, e-learning slide presentations, and on-line audio course-- for each of the ten technologies they cover.

GPCo Logo

GPCo Inc.
Established in 1994, GPCo has become one of the leading Canadian firms in the provision of engineering services, the development of technical and financial analysis tools and project management for the renewable energy industry. GPCo specializes in the assessment of wind potential, the conduct of wind project feasibility studies and the development of wind energy projects across Canada and abroad. GPCo installs meteorological towers, performs wind resource assessments, prepares wind flow maps, optimizes wind farm layouts and projects energy yields for proposed wind farms. GPCo also provides complementary services such as the acquisition of land rights for wind power projects, permitting, market studies, technical support to environmental assessments and project facilitation and management. GPCo has drawn upon RER Renewable Energy Research's background in renewable energy systems, and is a valued collaborator as well.


Eolectric is a major player in the early stages of wind project development in Canada. It specializes in identifying promising areas, securing land rights, assessing the wind resource, building community support and securing permits. Being active in many provinces, it is working with a small number of clients and partners further developing its sites. Eolectric has turned to RER Renewable Energy Research for expertise in stand-alone power systems.

TN Conseil

TN Conseil is a consultancy providing expert technical analysis of a range of energy-related issues, from Biodiesel busses to solar thermal systems. RER Renewable Energy Research has assisted TN Conseil in technical translation.

Jazzhaus Studio

Jazzhaus Studio has assisted RER Renewable Energy Research in the recording of audio course material, permitting us to provide a high-quality product at a reasonable price.