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Terms of Use for Photos Appearing on this Website

RER Renewable Energy Research is pleased to make available, for your use (educational, commercial, or otherwise), the images appearing in the "photos" section of this web site, subject to the following terms of use.

  1. Whenever and wherever the image (or a cropped, resized, or filtered version of the image) is used, a legible written credit must be placed adjacent to the image. The credit must clearly indicate the name of the photographer/designer, his or her affiliation, and the URL of this web site (e.g., "Photo: Michael M. D. Ross, RER Renewable Energy Research,"). Note that the name and affiliation for each image in this photo bank can be found just below the title of the photo in the pages dedicated to the photos.
  2. If the image is altered (in any way other than cropping, resizing, or filtering) then wherever and whenever the altered image is used legible text must indicate this is an altered version of an image originally provided by RER Renewable Energy Research. The credit must include, as above, the photographer/designer, his or her affiliation, and the URL.
  3. RER Renewable Energy Research will not be responsible for any loss or damages associated with the use of any image on this web site.
  4. RER Renewable Energy Research retains the right to require any person or organization to cease displaying or otherwise using any or all images appearing in the "photos" section of this web site, or altered versions of images appearing on this web site. While RER Renewable Energy Research reserves this right unconditionally, it does not expect to exercise this option, except when the images are used irresponsibly; or dishonestly; or without credit to the photographer/designer, affiliation and provenance of the image (i.e., the URL); or with misleading credit.

We hope that you find these images useful for the promotion of renewable energy technologies. If you would like high resolution versions of the images on this web site, or would like us to obtain photos of a particular renewable energy application on your behalf, please contact us.