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Photovoltaics in Canada's North

Michael M.D. Ross, Sylvain Martel & Eric Usher
CANMET Energy Diversification Research Laboratory

[The front page of 'Electrical Business' from September 1997.] [The cover of 'Renewable Energy World' from July 1998.]
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Note on Authorship:

This article was jointly authored by Michael M.D. Ross, formerly of the CANMET Energy Diversification Research Laboratory (currently known as CETC-Varennes), and now principal of RER Renewable Energy Research; Sylvain Martel of CETC-Varennes; and Eric Usher, formerly of CETC-Varennes and now with the United Nations Energy Programme (UNEP).

Note on Publication:

This article, discussing in lay terms the five-year PV for the North Programme, was published twice in essentially the same form. First it appeared as the lead article in Electrical Business, a Canadian trade magazine, in September 1997. Then it was the cover article for the inaugural issue of Renewable Energy World, in July 1998.


Ross, Michael, Sylvain Martel, and Eric Usher. "Photovoltaics in Canada's North". Electrical Business Vol. XXXIII No. 9, September 1997.

Ross, Michael, Sylvain Martel, and Eric Usher. "The Challenge of Cold Climates: PV in Canada's North". Renewable Energy World Vol. 1 No. 1, July 1998, pp. 36-39.