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Electrical, Environmental, Operational and Cost Considerations for Stationary and Portable Fuel Cell Systems

Michael M.D. Ross
Helsinki University of Technology

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Note on Authorship:

This article was authored by Michael M.D. Ross, principal of RER Renewable Energy Research, while he was an employee of the Advanced Energy Systems Group, Department of Engineering Physics and Mathematics, Helsinki University of Technology.


Ross, Michael. Electrical, Environmental, Operational and Cost Considerations for Stationary and Portable Fuel Cell Systems. Unpublished internal report, Helsinki University of Technology, Otaniemi, Finland, November 1999.


The Advanced Energy Systems group intends to investigate two applications of fuel cell systems: portable applications operating at low power levels (e.g., mobile phones, camcorders, portable computers, etc.) and stationary applications utilizing an electrolyser/storage/fuel cell system as seasonal storage for a photovoltaic system. In many ways, the degree to which the research succeeds in addressing the requirements of these two applications will depend on how well the proposed solutions meet electrical, environment, operational and cost considerations. It is therefore important to have a good working idea of these considerations. Furthermore, it is my opinion that by addressing considerations that have not been examined in the multitude of fuel cell research programs being conducted elsewhere, we can find a niche for our work. Not only will this increase the value of our work, but having found a novel niche, it may be easier to get research published. This working paper is a first attempt to sketch the electrical, environmental, operational and cost considerations that should direct our research.

A synopsis of these considerations, as I presently understand them, is presented first, followed by some arguments justifying the figures presented in the synopsis. Following this, I discuss the applications of seasonal storage, portable computers, and portable phones in light of these electrical, environmental, operational, and cost considerations.