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A Lead-Acid Battery Model for Hybrid System Modelling

Michael M.D. Ross

Full Text Report
Link to CETC-Varennes


Research conducted on behalf of the Photovoltaics and Hybrid Systems Program at the CETC-Varennes (Natural Resources Canada) with partial funding from the Panel on Energy Research and Development (PERD).


Ross, Michael M. D. A Lead-Acid Battery Model for Hybrid System Modelling. Report to CETC-Varennes (Natural Resources Canada). Montreal, Qc: RER Renewable Energy Research, 2001.


A simple battery model for hybrid system simulation has been developed. Given battery temperature and charge or discharge current, the model calculates the battery state-ofcharge, voltage, gassing current, heat evolution, and ageing. The model has been implemented in Simulink.

Note: Following publication of this paper, many changes were made to the PVToolbox battery model in response to deficiencies in the model described in this paper.