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A Rudimentary Sizing Method for PV Hybrid Systems

Michael M.D. Ross
RER Renewable Energy Research

Full Text Report
Link to CETC-Varennes


Research conducted on behalf of the Photovoltaics and Hybrid Systems Program at the CETC-Varennes (Natural Resources Canada) with partial funding from the Panel on Energy Research and Development (PERD).


Ross, Michael M. D. A Rudimentary Sizing Method for PV Hybrid Systems. Report to CETC-Varennes (Natural Resources Canada). Montreal, Qc: RER Renewable Energy Research, 2005.


A rudimentary method for the sizing of PV-hybrid power systems is presented. The method is based on monthly data and assumes perfectly efficient batteries. It uses the monthly clearness index to estimate, for a given size of battery, the fraction of the output of an additional unit of PV array that will be wasted, that is, the marginal waste curve.

Note: The document presents work in progress. A much clearer and more effective method is presented in hybrid system sizing documents from 2007 onwards.